What are Dallas sports really for…The City or The People?

After reading the articles that were given out for homework, I began to ask myself the question, “Who are these sports really for?” I was puzzled at the amount of energy, time, and money one city alone puts into something that is supposed to be recreationally played. What are the actual long term impacts of these large investments? Are there any at all? I don’t really think there are. I think that each of these investments has there 15 seconds of fame (just like most of the athletes). I am not even sure if it is set up to be everlasting.

The most immediate and prolonged effect I can see is TOURISM. That brings me to my answer as to who are the sports really for. It seems that the City of Dallas (probably all major cities) is just using these as ways to attract more and more people to get more and more revenue. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, I mean the residents don’t seem to be complaining, but going to a school like PQC you see the bigger issues. No one person, place, city, or thing should utilize over $600 million dollars into something like sports when there’s a growing homeless problem within the city. If they’re spending $600 million+, there shouldn’t be a single community without a grocery store with fresh fruits and vegetables or health alternatives. There’s bigger issues at hand. So, these sports aren’t really benefiting the people who can’t even go watch them.

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