Mu$ic 4 Th3 $treetz

Big Tuck’s video is comical and informative. I say informative because I didn’t know Dallas was that thuggish. Comical because they look like they’re trying hard to be something they’re not. Big Tuck looks like he’s trying to bring that Houston chopped and screwed, “Slim Thug and them” vibes to Dallas. He wanted the same respect that they got. It could be seen as negative or stereotypical but I’m not sure its even that serious. If you’re not from Dallas you’d prob give the original reaction I had as well.

Also, knowing who Big Tuck is, Mr. South Side Da Realist, I don’t think any differently of the music he’s making for his people/fan base. When you look at the comments people are taking pride in the song. The way he’s representing his city  is fine with his people so it should be fine with everyone. Music is meant to make people feel good and he seems to be doing that. I know I get live when I hear that, “South Side the realist, drugs and the killers, shark and gorillas!” I’ve added a snap shot of the comments below:

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 2.35.34 AM.png

Watch Big Tuck’s Video Here:


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