Fables: My Favorite Piece of Creative Writing

I was introduced to the Fables comic book series by one of my teachers in middle school who was helping me through my journey of enjoying reading. By enjoying reading I mean finding books that kept me intrigued, as opposed to just reading academically. She stressed that reading was essential for a successful future and would help with bettering my vernacular. We went through the process of discussing what I liked and she told me to try out “Fables” by Bill Willingham. One thing that stood out to me when talking to my teacher was that she called them “graphic novels”as opposed to comic books. This made me feel a little better about reading them honestly because I didn’t think people would take me seriously when I said I was reading comics.


The premise of “Fables” is to journey through the life of fairytales and folk tales (Snow White, Cinderella, Beauty and The Beast, etc.) that have been forced from their Homeland by The Adversary who has conquered their realm. They live in New York City in a community known as “Fabletown.” The spin to this all is that they are real people who do real things. Each book from the series takes on a different genre whether it be a murder mystery or a thriller.



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